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Standard measuring benches

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We produce standard measuring benches for the measurement of, roundness, axial run out, as well as concentricity of shafts.

Below some examples:

Measurement of parts from automatic production machines.

This standard measuring instrument from our group company PRETEC is specially equipped for the measurement of parts from automatic production machines.
The part is turned by a motorized system. The measuring force of the sensor is adjustable to optimise the measurement. Two potentiometers permit us to trigger measuring time and settling time to an automatic and constant measurement.
Other applications can be realised by adaptation of the system.

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Measuring of the axial run out of a phase

The application is designed for the measurement of the axial run out. This application is realised as a standard product by our group company PRETEC.The part is positioned on two hardened references and is moved by a motorised driving system in rotation.
The reference is in the axial centre in front to the measured axial run out.

Measurement of the thickness of tape material

Measuring column for the measurement of cones on very small pieces

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Measuring bank with pneumatic measuring air ring and guiding prisms

The pneumatic-electronic measuring instrument of PRETEC can be combined for the specific measuring requirements of our customers. In this example the pneumatic measuring air rings are combined with adapted guiding prisms. This allows an easy and quick measurement of the axes.

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