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Reference parts and calibration

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Calibration masters

Most of the designed and realized measuring equipments form us are for comparing measurement.
The bases of them are normalized reference parts (calibration masters). We design, realise and certificate
standard and specific reference parts.
The reference parts are used for calibration and by using to reference parts (MAX and MIN of the tolerance)
the range of the complete measuring system can be checked.calibration masters can be produced in different
materials, as quality steel, high quality steel (HSS), steel with carbide and wolfram or ceramic. The hardness
is variable according to used steel. The hardness by hardened steel is from 59HRC up to 64 HRC.
Calibration masters can be produced with a coating of chrome, TIN, TICN and other materials. Then the
micro hardness is between, 940 HV for chrome, 2300 HV for TIN or 3300 HV for TICN.

We are able to design and produce customer designed calibration masters. They are designed and produced
according the drawings of the parts to measure.

On inquiry the calibration masters are measured and certified by an official laboratory. The calibration masters
are delivered in a save and stable box with there controlling report.

Here bellow you find an overview of produced calibration masters by us:

We offer the following range of calibration masters:- Standard plugs and standard rings produced according
different international standards
(DIN 2250C and 2250 B, Cnomo, B47-1-1988 ANSI).

Special setting plugs and setting rings- Standard setting plugs and standard setting rings for cone measurements
as, Morse, ISO, HSK.- Special calibration masters according the part drawing- Tolerance measuring plugs for
min and max Ø- Thread measuring plugs and thread measuring rings- Gap gauge

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