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The function principle of the pneumatic PFL - converter is based on the balance of pressure
in between two chambers how are separated by a membrane. The measuring occurs with
a measuring plug or measuring ring, with a digital display or mechanical comparator or
an electronic probe.In this case the measured value results in a pneumatic deviation
of the membrane and is transmitted in an equivalent electronic signal. This result
can be processed with our electronic display of the partner company Pretec.
The measuring range of the standard PFL - converter is +/-40 µm. Special
executions have a measuring range of +/-10 µm and +/-80 µm.

Fonctionnement d'un convertisseur

We are producing standard PFL - converter for the measurement of one
input signal.
Special PFL - converter for measurement of differentials, measurement
of two input signals, function A-B. (see in the margin).These
PFL - converter are usable as standard modules.They permit the
measuring of form mistakes and position mistakes as well as cone
measurement, centre distance of drillings, parallelism, material distortion,
perpendicular, planar of surfaces / to faces, coaxially etc.The repeatability
(depending on the function of the measure tools) can better be than 0.2 µm.


Protection housing


Support for air gauge unit

Tap in front

Air treatment with manometer and different filters 40µm, 5µm and 0.01µm.

Foot switch for air saving

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