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The pneumatic measuring is applicable in many different domains of the industrial production.
The method and technology of the pneumatic measurement is marked especially by the v
ery high accuracy and very good stable repeatability in very short time.
Insensitively by the environment (dirt / temperature) does not do it inevitably to clean the
parts to be measured, to achieve a good ability for reproduction of the results with this method.
The pneumatic measuring is a contactless measurement and protects the parts to
be measured. Typical applications are measurements of diameter, distances of axes;
cone measurement, eccentricity measurement, pairing measurement etc.

The measuring method combines numerous advantages:
- Automatic cleaning of the parts to be measured
- High dimension accuracy
- Long insertion times and stability
- Direct contactless measurement
- Ideal for sensitive parts and surfaces
- Robust measuring elements
- easy using and an easy maintenance
Repeatabilityup to 0.1 micron

The measuring systems from the manufacturer PFL can be customised themselves to all
existing systems on market.
Before the production of the measuring systems the measuring application of the
components has to known. So the correct PFL converter model, as 06 or 207, can be specified.

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