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Disk brakes: A big selection of pneumatic and hydraulic models with manual brakes, as also with negative function (with spring loading) for applications for security systems and emergency stop, are available. Maximum brake force 150 to 40’000N, are realisable. All models are equipped by a mechanical indicator of using, with a system of free from backlash connection system for mounting and automatic adjustment gliding shoo.

Brakes from Precima: Since years, a brake of safe, durable and effective performance for universal applications in all branches of industries. A big selection of dimensions and different executions, systematically selected in FDB, is the ideal principle for the integration in housings for producer of electro motors.

Brakes from Dellner: Hydraulic brakes

Freins à serrage pneumatique

Freins à disque hydraulique

Freins à pression de ressorts

Freins et embrayage à poudre

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